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Guideways: meat rail systems
Guideways: meat rail systems

Guideways: overhead monorail systems for meat hanging, meat transportation and meat storage in cold rooms

The “AI” guideway, entirely made from anodized aluminium alloy, is the ideal overhead rail system for meat hanging,  meat storage and meat transportation in any kind of walk-in cold room, spanning from small butcheries to supermarkets and from meat processing rooms to big hypermarkets.

What do we offer?

Bespoke solutions

“AI” guideways are entirely custom-made: individual solutions are designed to get best space optimization in cold rooms and to meet the clients’ needs, thus catering any space requirement with the highest standards of hygiene and security.

Tradition and innovation

The first guideway equipped with internal sliding hooks was invented in 1972 by Angelo Irrera, the founder of our company, to prevent any accidental drop of the hook and to ensure the security of the user. This patented system revolutionized the concept of meat transportation in butcheries. Since then our know-how, our commitment to get clients’ satisfaction and our constant search for renewal have led to a constant improvement of the technical, aesthetical and qualitative level of our equipments.

Security, hygiene, quick assembly and easy usage

Among the “plus” of our guideway rail systems we can list:

  • High load capacity: the mechanical features of the sections, the monobloc rotor of the switch, the reinforced bearings of the sliding hook with 13 mm point make the structure stable, ideal to bear high loads.
  • Easy installation:  a quick assembly system has been studied to get time-saving installation
  • Versatility: the sections and the components are combined with a polyvalent fixing system to cater space in cold rooms of any kind and dimensions
  • Cost-effective solutions: a variety of sections and components easily allow additions and modifications to the original structure

The materials of our guideways have been tested in cold rooms down to – 30°C.  All our equipments  comply with European requirements on food contact materials.

Meat rail accessories
Meat rail accessories

Hoists, scales and electric entrainers: a full range of accessories to enhance the possibilities of meat rail systems

Hoists, electric entrainers and scales can be added on request to our monorail guideways to get extra functionalities. All the accessories we provide comply with European directives and EC marking.

HOISTS FOR GUIDEWAYS: easily lift or lower the meat hanging on sliding hooks

Electric hoists for monorail systems have been introduced into the market by our company in 1989, when we adapted the traditional electric hoists to our innovative meat rail system with internal sliding hooks. A particular device for safe usage (today highly praised and widely used in our field) was used to unlock the anti-drop system only when the pulley was perfectly aligned with the rail, thus allowing the meat to slide into the rail. Our hoists are equipped with a double control button panel and a double speed engine, which are mandatory  requirements for the installation below specific heights. Furthermore, our hoist is provided with a 7 mm chain, replacing the standard length of 5 mm, an additional safety device.

AERIAL SCALE: weight meat on the guideway

In 1990 we produced the first aerial electronic scale integrating the load cell into the meat rail, thus  combining high efficiency with pleasant aesthetic features. Our electronic scales for butcheries are equipped with anodized aluminium alloy weighting module and create a single block with the guideway. We only use Italian load cells and “Made in Italy” visors to provide a safe product, with quick spare part service at convenient prices.

ELECTRIC ENTRAINER: easily and safely connect meat rails at different heights

The electric entrainer is the ideal solution to connect meat rails at different heights through the chain transmission system. Also known as electric chain conveyor, our electric entrainer dates back to 1992, while the latest version was released in 2010, resulting from long-term studies to enhance its possibilities. Our electric entrainer is driven by an electric and its structure is mainly made from anodised aluminium alloy. All moving parts are hidden inside a housing to comply with safety and aesthetical requirements. It can be supplied in different lengths to meet various needs.


Modular shelving for cold rooms
Modular shelving for cold rooms

Modular shelving for food storage in cold rooms: a 40-year-tradition in space optimization

“AI” modular shelving for food storage in cold rooms are characterized by their stability and solidity properties, combined with quick assembly and friendly usage.


Being designed for cold rooms of butcheries and supermarkets, “AI” shelving systems comply with European requirements on direct food contact materials, meet strict safety and hygiene requirements and have been tested down to – 30°C. Their easy-cleaning properties make them suitable to store meat, fruits, vegetable, drinks, diary products and also unpackaged foods directly placed on the shelf. Thanks to their high modularity, “AI” shelving provide cost-effective solutions for any available storage area, thus catering space even in small cold rooms and small pantries. Their attractive design and their versatility make them suitable also for shops, catering industry, hotels and professional kitchens.

Shelving models

We currently produce 2 shelving models, described in detailed in their technical sheets:
-  Light, the solution for cost-effective modularity
- Strong, our model for high loads

They are designed to provide several installations and open-faced corner compositions (L, U, E)

The resistance of all materials used to produce our shelves has been tested in refrigerated cells at -30° C. All materials in contact with foodstuff comply with current laws and regulations.

Modular products for the working area
Modular products for the working area

Functional aluminium and stainless steel butcher equipments for food processing rooms

“AI” working tables, chopping block and rollers are designed for meat laboratories and processing rooms of supermarkets and butcheries, thanks to their high quality, robustness and hygienic features.


Our working tables are available in several versions: the frame is always made from anodised aluminium alloy, while the top can be supplied either in AISI 304 stainless steel or in food contact polyethylene 25 mm thick. In the version equipped with shelves, the staves can be extracted and washed in dishwasher at 60/70°C.


The “AI” chopping blocks have a robust anodised aluminium alloy frame, which can be made to measure on request, and food contact polyethylene tops. Our choppers, moreover, are equipped with adjustable stainless steel feet for slope compensation.


“AI” rollers are the ideal solution to move trays, boxes and packaged products in supermarkets. Thanks to the “gradient principle”, loads are easily moved from/to two different points of the processing area on nylon wheels of 50 mm in diameter, thus sliding perfectly even with the lightest loads and low gradient settings.


“AI” working tables, rollers and chopping blocks are certified for direct food contact with foodstuff to meet European requirements. They can be washed and sanitized in accordance with HACCP principles.

The materials of all our modular products for the working area have been tested in cold rooms up to – 30°C and comply with European requirements on food contact materials.


Display units for fruits and vegetables
Display units for fruits and vegetables

Custom-made display units for fruits and vegetables: elegant, practical and versatile solutions for supermarkets and shopfitting

“AI” display units are all custom-made. The range of bespoke solutions we produce includes: wall shelving for fruits and vegetables, display units on wheels for outdoor and indoor use, modular island display units and wheeled box bases for fruit boxes.

  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WALL SHELVING: inclined made-to measure shelves, available in two versions, i.e. with white or brown staves or entirely made from anodised aluminium alloy.  The measures of the shelving and the number of levels can be modified at will, according to clients’ requests.
  • OUTDOOR/INDOOR DISPLAY UNITS ON WHEELS: a complete range of inclined, light and functional space-saving display units for fruits and vegetables. The use of wheels makes them very easy to move both inside the shop (for easy cleaning or to vary the presentation of food) and from outside to inside the shop (i.e. to store them at the end of the working day). High quality materials and high quality treatments provide high resistance to atmospheric agents, corrosion and pollution, thus allowing continuous external use. When unused, the display units can be folded and stored to provide functional space-saving solutions.
  • ISLAND DISPLAY UNITS: a versatile range of display units, suitable for fruit and vegetables, but also for bread and different kinds of food.  They can be used as single modules or to create island compositions, also for big spaces. Space-saving solutions can be provided.
  • WHEELED BOX BASES: small trolleys for standard Euro boxes (60x40 cm) or boxes with different measures, upon request. The ideal solution to carry fruit and vegetable boxes or a cheap and functional way to display them.


All sections are developed from our own designs and they are extruded with primary aluminium alloys in a factory which complies with the quality standard in accordance with European laws UNI EN 573 and UNI EN 755. This factory also provides us with highly skilled and experienced technical support and assistance, to guarantee excellent products.

All sections are thermally treated in order to guarantee higher strength and robustness. They are all anodised in order to prevent corrosion, to guarantee longevity and to prevent the need of surface maintenance. The factory where this treatment is carried out has obtained the "QUALANOD" European Quality Certification 25 years ago.

Staves and shelves are all made from high quality polypropylene, not recycled, in order to avoid problems which may arise from direct contact with foodstuffs.

The polypropylene surfaces of display units guarantee excellent mechanical properties and high thermal and chemical resistance; rendering them resistant to many substances which usually corrode other plastic materials. For this reason cleaning and sanification will never be a problem.

The resistance of all materials used in the creation of these products has been tested in refrigerated cells at -25 degrees. All materials in contact with foodstuffs comply with current laws and regulations. All products comply with the HACCP preventive control system.




From the beginning of the 1970s, Angelo Irrera has always been working hard to design and develop systems for transportation and for meat processing and storage. Nowadays, the company is also producing working equipments and displays for shops and supermarkets. All our pro...

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