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Guideways: meat rail systems


Guideways: overhead monorail systems for meat hanging, meat transportation and meat storage in cold rooms

The “AI” guideway, entirely made from anodized aluminium alloy, is the ideal overhead rail system for meat hanging,  meat storage and meat transportation in any kind of walk-in cold room, spanning from small butcheries to supermarkets and from meat processing rooms to big hypermarkets.

What do we offer?

Bespoke solutions

“AI” guideways are entirely custom-made: individual solutions are designed to get best space optimization in cold rooms and to meet the clients’ needs, thus catering any space requirement with the highest standards of hygiene and security.

Tradition and innovation

The first guideway equipped with internal sliding hooks was invented in 1972 by Angelo Irrera, the founder of our company, to prevent any accidental drop of the hook and to ensure the security of the user. This patented system revolutionized the concept of meat transportation in butcheries. Since then our know-how, our commitment to get clients’ satisfaction and our constant search for renewal have led to a constant improvement of the technical, aesthetical and qualitative level of our equipments.

Security, hygiene, quick assembly and easy usage

Among the “plus” of our guideway rail systems we can list:

  • High load capacity: the mechanical features of the sections, the monobloc rotor of the switch, the reinforced bearings of the sliding hook with 13 mm point make the structure stable, ideal to bear high loads.
  • Easy installation:  a quick assembly system has been studied to get time-saving installation
  • Versatility: the sections and the components are combined with a polyvalent fixing system to cater space in cold rooms of any kind and dimensions
  • Cost-effective solutions: a variety of sections and components easily allow additions and modifications to the original structure

The materials of our guideways have been tested in cold rooms down to – 30°C.  All our equipments  comply with European requirements on food contact materials.

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