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Meat rail accessories


Hoists, scales and electric entrainers: a full range of accessories to enhance the possibilities of meat rail systems

Hoists, electric entrainers and scales can be added on request to our monorail guideways to get extra functionalities. All the accessories we provide comply with European directives and EC marking.

HOISTS FOR GUIDEWAYS: easily lift or lower the meat hanging on sliding hooks

Electric hoists for monorail systems have been introduced into the market by our company in 1989, when we adapted the traditional electric hoists to our innovative meat rail system with internal sliding hooks. A particular device for safe usage (today highly praised and widely used in our field) was used to unlock the anti-drop system only when the pulley was perfectly aligned with the rail, thus allowing the meat to slide into the rail. Our hoists are equipped with a double control button panel and a double speed engine, which are mandatory  requirements for the installation below specific heights. Furthermore, our hoist is provided with a 7 mm chain, replacing the standard length of 5 mm, an additional safety device.

AERIAL SCALE: weight meat on the guideway

In 1990 we produced the first aerial electronic scale integrating the load cell into the meat rail, thus  combining high efficiency with pleasant aesthetic features. Our electronic scales for butcheries are equipped with anodized aluminium alloy weighting module and create a single block with the guideway. We only use Italian load cells and “Made in Italy” visors to provide a safe product, with quick spare part service at convenient prices.

ELECTRIC ENTRAINER: easily and safely connect meat rails at different heights

The electric entrainer is the ideal solution to connect meat rails at different heights through the chain transmission system. Also known as electric chain conveyor, our electric entrainer dates back to 1992, while the latest version was released in 2010, resulting from long-term studies to enhance its possibilities. Our electric entrainer is driven by an electric and its structure is mainly made from anodised aluminium alloy. All moving parts are hidden inside a housing to comply with safety and aesthetical requirements. It can be supplied in different lengths to meet various needs.

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