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Modular shelving for cold rooms

LIGHT SHELVING - high modularity
STRONG SHELVING - high loads

Modular shelving for food storage in cold rooms: a 40-year-tradition in space optimization

“AI” modular shelving for food storage in cold rooms are characterized by their stability and solidity properties, combined with quick assembly and friendly usage.


Being designed for cold rooms of butcheries and supermarkets, “AI” shelving systems comply with European requirements on direct food contact materials, meet strict safety and hygiene requirements and have been tested down to – 30°C. Their easy-cleaning properties make them suitable to store meat, fruits, vegetable, drinks, diary products and also unpackaged foods directly placed on the shelf. Thanks to their high modularity, “AI” shelving provide cost-effective solutions for any available storage area, thus catering space even in small cold rooms and small pantries. Their attractive design and their versatility make them suitable also for shops, catering industry, hotels and professional kitchens.

Shelving models

We currently produce 2 shelving models, described in detailed in their technical sheets:
-  Light, the solution for cost-effective modularity
- Strong, our model for high loads

They are designed to provide several installations and open-faced corner compositions (L, U, E)

The resistance of all materials used to produce our shelves has been tested in refrigerated cells at -30° C. All materials in contact with foodstuff comply with current laws and regulations.

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